Fingers of Death

Some villagers of the already scarcely populated Dale enter a catatonic state that is quickly followed by death. Seeing no other way to understand what’s happening, the City Guard sends one of their own to ask for the help of the town’s strange mortician.

Short story [on-going].

Site Update

Due to time being a limited resource, and some personal issues going on (mostly due to lock-down and precautions we are taking over here), I had to reorganize my time better. This meant choosing how much time I wanted to dedicate to writing fiction and if some of that time could be used to write posts for my blog. In the end, writing feels more important to me right now, and so I have reformulated the site to be something that takes less time to maintain. I’ll keep doing reviews of books… Read More


More tolerance, more empathy, and more diversity. Love can TRANSform society.

28 short stories by different authors.

[predicted launch: jan. 2021]


Tenho saudades de outra era,Do amor vivido e sentido,De um abraço correspondido,Da hora eterna e sincera. Saudades desse som de confiança,Da música dessa nossa dança.Da perfeição de passos unidos,De viver os sonhos conhecidos. Saudades de simplesmente amar.Da vibração de nossas risadas –Felicidade compartilhada. Tenho saudades do tempo de nós.Daquelas memórias de sermos nós.Mas minha vida segue – sozinha. Saudades of another time,Of love lived and felt,Of the corresponded hug,Of the eternal e sincere hour. Saudades of this sound of trust,Of the music of our dance.Of the perfection of our united steps,Of living… Read More

The Fool’s Journey

With his arms open wide, his head held high,The Fool steps forward, so inspired to try.The central journey will take him ahead –Spontaneous soul, easily misled. Desire to grow is the Magician force!“Change the world with your power, no remorse!”The High Priestess, his intuitive side,Sees his potential; “don’t put it aside!” The Empress, his mother, loving and bright,Taught the beauty of nature – pure delight.His sire, the Emperor, strict and austere,Taught him of the rules and how to adhere. Going into the world, out of his home,Ready to learn, but not ready… Read More


On a small town, a detective is possessed by a demon, right before a wave of strange killings begin to happen.


Stray Hearts

In an old building, on the outskirts of a small town, three friends find comfort in the company of each other.

Short story.