The Fool’s Journey

With his arms open wide, his head held high,
The Fool steps forward, so inspired to try.
The central journey will take him ahead –
Spontaneous soul, easily misled.

Desire to grow is the Magician force!
“Change the world with your power, no remorse!”
The High Priestess, his intuitive side,
Sees his potential; “don’t put it aside!”

The Empress, his mother, loving and bright,
Taught the beauty of nature – pure delight.
His sire, the Emperor, strict and austere,
Taught him of the rules and how to adhere.

Going into the world, out of his home,
Ready to learn, but not ready to roam.
The Hierophant gives him a mission –
“Share our creed, understand our traditions!”

The next milestone cannot be evaded,
The love that he feels, that will have him swayed!
He learns, he grows, his values corrected,
He longs for a Lover, so affected.

Still, his path is one, and complete it, he must!
In confidence and control, he does trust.
Guiding the Chariot, assertive and smart,
Tempered by kindness, the Strength of his heart.

Then suddenly, it’s no longer enough.
“Why?” he has to ask, in a whispered huff.
“Why do people live, just to suffer and die?
Can I find this truth? I know I must try!”

He looks for the Hermit, in his confine,
“I need to find the world’s wondrous design!”
After seclusion, the answer is clear.
Wheel of Fortune shows how to persevere.

Despite revelation, the path isn’t smooth,
The pursuit of Justice, the chase of truth.
It’s time to decide, right now and right here –
His honour will speak, or will it disappear?

Many trials, no room to be tender,
It goes on; he can only surrender.
Let go, don’t fight, Hanged Man is suspended,
The struggle is gone, and all is splendid!

It’s Death of old habits, he grows anew!
The ending of old, so long overdue!
Temperance, balance, harmony within,
Such a changed man, like he has never been.

Revived, renewed, he searches yet again,
The Devil inside, the pain of restraint.
Restraint from the new, material hood,
That keeps him in chains, not free like he could.

The cold, hard Tower, his prison of soul,
Destroy it, he must, but it is not just a stroll.
The pain comes brief and precedes serene calm
The Star, his core, for despair is a balm.

This should here end, but the mind is a spear.
Moonlit illusion, arrival of fear.
Enlightenment cuts the thunderous strife,
The shimmering Sun, promise of life.

Now truly reborn, the Fool is absolved.
The Judgment is here, but he has evolved.
Doubts, hesitations, finally weeded,
His true vocation all that is needed.

The future is filled with infinite dreams!
The World is his calling, his path, a stream.
The cycle, whole, the mission undergone.
Soon, the heart calls, and the journey goes on.

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