Happy Halloween!

[October, 2020]

Hello everyone, I wish (to all of you who celebrate it) a wonderful Halloween! I’ll probably spend it writing, and reading and watching some horror. Perhaps bake a pumpkin pie later.

I’ll first just blab a bit about personal stuff, but you can skip to the writing updates or the review part if you so wish!

October has been a busy month, which in turn made me notice it’s always busy for me. Part of it is the fact that I still need a job outside of writing to support me, so I have to write on what could be my “free time”. But part of it is also my need to be constantly doing something, to feel very anxious if there’s a spot open in my day where I can just relax and do whatever, because it doesn’t matter.

While some days need to be busy, some days it’s also good to just take a moment. To breathe and let life pass you by, in a way. I’m still struggling to find the middle ground here, but life is a constant battle, so let’s keep moving!

Ghosts & Necromancers

During October, I’ve been accepted in another Brazilian anthology of short stories, this time with the theme of ghosts. Things are still moving in regards to that, but I hope to have a link for the crowdfunding soon.

I’ve also posted the first part of Finger of Death, my second Wattpad story. The theme for the story was necromancy, as the poll result dictated! As I’ll keep updating it weekly, I’ll start my next piece to try and keep new instalments coming regularly.

Following the Halloween theme, I wrote a poem that made the top 11 of the 2020 Halloween Writing Competition, by Reyadh Rahaman.

Lastly, I’m doing a personal project of wordbuilding (the world that Fingers of Death is part of), and will probably be releasing more stories set in that world. If this project actually takes off, I’ll eventually make a page organizing the stories in that universe.


I’ve finally seemed to return to my usual pace of reading and watching stuff (and by that, I mean the pace I had when I was in secondary school, so quite a while ago). And since I love giving out reviews, I’ll link them all here, so you can check them out if you so wish.




Movies & Series




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