Writer, poet, and a fan of movies and games, I have been passionate about stories and the many ways to tell them from a young age. With a preference for fantasy and supernatural elements, I also write fiction and poetry in other genres, enjoying plots that deal with human nature and relationships.

I was born and raised in Brazil, where I’ve been living my whole life. As much as I could, I tried to learn small things about other places, cultures, and people. During my childhood, my parents have tried – and succeed – to make books a part of my life. As I grew older, I began to learn about and fall in love with other ways to tell stories as well – movies, games, comic books… It wasn’t long before I was crafting my own.

For a long time, however, I felt like I didn’t have what it take to become an actual author and share my writing with the world. So I tried to follow my passion for books in a different way, and became a librarian. Things happened, as always in life, and I finally gathered the courage to take the leap and follow my dream.

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