Happy Halloween!

[October, 2020] Hello everyone, I wish (to all of you who celebrate it) a wonderful Halloween! I’ll probably spend it writing, and reading and watching some horror. Perhaps bake a pumpkin pie later. I’ll first just blab a bit about personal stuff, but you can skip to the writing updates or the review part if you so wish! October has been a busy month, which in turn made me notice it’s always busy for me. Part of it is the fact that I still need a job outside of writing to support… Read More

Site Update

Due to time being a limited resource, and some personal issues going on (mostly due to lock-down and precautions we are taking over here), I had to reorganize my time better. This meant choosing how much time I wanted to dedicate to writing fiction and if some of that time could be used to write posts for my blog. In the end, writing feels more important to me right now, and so I have reformulated the site to be something that takes less time to maintain. I’ll keep doing reviews of books… Read More