• Fingers of Death

    Some villagers of the already scarcely populated Dale enter a catatonic state that is quickly followed by death. Seeing no other way to understand what’s happening, the City Guard sends one of their own to ask for the help of the town’s strange mortician.

    Short story [on-going].

  • TRANSformação

    More tolerance, more empathy, and more diversity. Love can TRANSform society.

    28 short stories by different authors.

    [predicted launch: jan. 2021]

  • Pride

    On a small town, a detective is possessed by a demon, right before a wave of strange killings begin to happen.


  • Stray Hearts

    In an old building, on the outskirts of a small town, three friends find comfort in the company of each other.

    Short story.

  • Ashes of War

    A tired veteran tries to live his life in peace, but war – like it always had – still comes to him.